Brand as culture

brand as culture

14 August, 2009

Google Australia is the nation’s best company to work for, according to the inaugral BRW Great Places To Work survey [3rd June 2009], conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute. And so what are the ingredients that make Google the greatest place to work? General Manager Karim Temsamani gave this list to BRW:

  • open communication.
  • the opportunity to make a difference.
  • a thorough orientation program for new employees.
  • the chance to delve into personal projects on company time [20% time].
  • a sense of purpose, over and above profits, is Google’s strength.
  • transparency about intellectual property, finances and strategy.
  • individual reward is less important than rewarding the team.
  • staff can nominate their colleagues for peer bonuses.
  • leaders act as motivators by keeping staff informed and appreciated.

The bottom line is that Google lives and breathes its values. Google recognizes and treats its employees as their number-one asset. The company culture is done with their staff, not to their staff. And the company’s informal motto of ‘do no evil’ is applied irrespective of commercial needs. No wonder Google Australia received 19,475 job applications for the 100 or so positions it has filled in the past 12 months. And no wonder they are attracting and choosing from the elite of Australian talent.


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