brand as culture

26/01/2010 — 1 Comment

The core ideologies of long-lasting, successful companies are:


Corporate culture [people engagement, commitment, enthusiasm, etc.] ranks first.

Corporate fitness [systems and processes] ranks second.

Customer/supplier relations [brand loyalty + customer satisfaction] ranks third.

Corporate evolution [ideas and innovation] ranks fourth.

Corporate survival [profits] ranks last.

SOURCE: Liberating The Corporate Soul.

One response to brand as culture


    Hi Richard,

    Some companies actually understand the “real value” of building and maintaining a meaningful relationship and dialogue between their brand and employees, not just their customers.

    At a high level, the CEO/ MD and executive team generally understand the need for a brand strategy, in context to the business strategy and corporate identify.

    Generally, they don’t necessarily understand the process of brand development and internal alignment. Their focus is predominately about the outcome and how it will be activated and utilised commercially; the visual expression, and yes, the strap line.

    Unfortunately discussion regarding internal brand alignment doesn’t get much consideration when the project is being scoped and negotiated. Primarily due to it not being part of brief.

    Eventually, as the project roles out the subject of aligning and communicating the brand to employees is raised.

    The responsibility is generally directed to Corporate Communications, because they do the communicating thing, and HR and Development, because they do the “people thing”.

    Respectfully, creating brand engagement and alignment within an employee community is generally not in the remit or expertise of either department.

    To create meaningful brand engagement you need a program which has a central IDEA, and a top down, bottom up approach designed to engage people in their natural working environment.

    Corporate Communications and HR&D are naturally on the brand team and play an important role in designing and delivering the program. They know their people and can be instrumental in creating a two way conversation between the people who are their brand.

    It takes real passion, courage commitment to create a great brand which people believe in, love to work for, and one which people will purchase from.

    I think we all know that good relationships are built on open and regular communication, based on trust, respect and love. The same applies to the relationship we aspire to have with our employer brand.

    Power to the people, power to your brand!


    David Tarr

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