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01/10/2010 — Leave a comment

Interbrand just released their Best Global Brands 2010 Report. Here are some of my highlights:

Coca-Cola still # 1, UP 2% on 2009.  It seems to me that positivity, fun and freedom will always be the strongest things a brand can stand for.

IBM at #2, still ahead of Microsoft, Google and Intel. Testament to an amazing change of paradigm and offering from ‘products’ to ‘services’.

Google at #4, a whopping 35% UP from where they were in 2009. This makes them the 2nd fastest growing brand in the world, as well as being [arguably] the most innovative company.

Nokia are #8, DOWN 3 positions and 15%. iPhone’s eating their lunch. [click on the chart to see what a shrinking share of the pie looks like]

Toyota at #11, DOWN 3 places and 16%. The consequence of their USA recalls, which I know has badly damaged their brand reputation among young Americans.

Apple at #17, three places and a massive 36% UP on 2009. This past year we got to see the new iPad and iPhone4. Apple is the fastest growing brand in the world.

J.P. Morgan at #29, UP eight places and 29%. J.P. Morgan is one of a small handful of financial services brand that has emerged from the economic crisis with its brand not only intact, but also improved.

Shell at #81, UP eleven positions and 24%. Their gain seems to have been BP’s loss. Shell appears far more committed to sustainable development than BP according to the report. BP meanwhile has fallen off the TOP 100 list for the first time in 10 years.

Harley Davidson at #98, DOWN 25 places and 24%. Why? They’re losing their core loyalists. What’s really pissing them off is the fact that their new CEO doesn’t even ride a Harley: a point which seems to have taken the social media and trade press spotlight for months.

Fascinating stuff.

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