Brand power

brand power

1 March, 2012

It amazes and amuses me how the world of Digital, Data and Direct Marketing has become obsessed with the latest “bright new shiny object”, and has marketers chasing down tiny tunnels in search of marketing’s newest and greatest Holy Grail.

Sure, much has changes since my first job in 1986. At the same time much hasn’t changed too.

Like the fundamentals of branding — building a community of like-minded people around a common ideal, a common idea, and a common set of values and tenets. 

So I got to express my view at the STW Data Day at the end of last year = The Role of Direct Marketing and Data in Positioning Your Brand.

It was an in-house talk, so I didn’t exactly hold back when it came to making my point, or the way in which I made my point [so if passionate language offends you, please don’t listen].

I was subsequently asked by Google to make a similar talk to their clients — marketing people who think of the role of digital and online as predominantly tactical, with little or no larger strategic vision or intent.

I think my views were well received. I also think that nothing’s changed, which frustrates me. Perhaps you’d like to make a comment or an observation of your own …

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  1. Thanks for allowing us to view the inhouse presentation – very insightful and interesting… I agree wholeheartedly with the “no more above/below the line” stuff – great to see you are changing the way we talk about advertising, no more rhetoric! Wishing I was an STW employee!

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