Brand as story

Branding is the meaning-making machine

28 April, 2015

Brand is the meaning-making machine that creates purpose and engages people at work. This point is best illustrated by an age old story. Three men were working on a bridge construction site. They are all doing the exact same thing: hammering nails. However, when each of them were approached and asked what they were doing their answers varied dramatically:

First Man – “I’m hammering nails.” Second Man – “I’m helping build a bridge.” Third Man – “I’m helping build a bridge that will help millions of people save time every day when they travel.”

Guess which of the above three employees is the most motivated, engaged and inspired to go above and beyond. This story illustrates how the same job, done by the same people, takes on meaning and significance when you have purpose – a greater reason for being and doing what you’re doing. It also illustrates the critical role of branding and story-telling in making this possible.


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