Brand as service

brand as service

11 February, 2016

Here’s a funny short story, stolen from Tom, who stole it from Jon, who stole it from Jeremy.

Jeremy was traveling on an Air Canada flight. On landing, the aircraft slammed down on to the runway with a terrible bang. Quite reasonably, the passengers waited for an explanation from the captain. And this is what they heard:

“This is Captain Johnson speaking. I’ve been flying with Canadian for over thirty years, and that was the worst fucking landing I’ve ever made! Please accept my apologies.”

Here’s the rub: In that instant the captain became a hero in the eyes of his passengers. Why? Because in a world of squirrelly explanations, he’d just called it like it is.

As the passengers left the plane they all wanted to shake his hand and give him a big thumbs up. And no-one was heard complaining about his language.

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