Brand as story

Christmas Magic

14 November, 2016

Every year John Lewis produce their Christmas TV commercial. The ingredients are kids + animals + nostalgic music. About as corny as it gets. And the brief for this year’s commercial is “gifts that everyone can enjoy”. About as unoriginal as it gets.

Imagine being the Brand Strategist handing this brief to a creative team, and asking them to come up something amazing. “Gifts that everyone can enjoy?! That’s the brief! Are you kidding. And we HAVE to use kids and animals and old fashioned music?! What are we supposed to do with that?!”

Well here it the final product — pure Christmas Magic. I love its simplicity, its joy, and the smile it brings to my face. And I’m left wishing that we see a few TV commercials like this in Australia over the next six weeks.

Oh, and here’s the spoof version. It’s really funny.

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