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Trapped inside your Weltanschauung

20 March, 2017

The greatest obstacle to change and possibility is that we are trapped inside (what the German sociologist Karl Mannheim called) your Weltanschauung, or worldview.

Your worldview is your underlying mental frame of reference and belief system. If you are a lawyer, and spend most of your time with other lawyers or professionals, this will condition your expectations and aspirations. You will feel that you need to have a relatively high salary, live in a relatively expensive house in a relatively expensive suburb, take overseas trips, and that working 70-80 hours a week is quite normal. You will eat in the same restaurants, drive the same cars, shop at the same shops, read the same newspapers, say the same things at dinner parties, and think the same things in bed at night.

And since you rarely interact with different people who see the world differently — because you instinctively keep to the circle of people who share the same worldview as yourself — you become trapped inside your Weltanschauung.

When was the last time YOU spent an afternoon with a bee keeper, a mortician, or a shamanic healer?

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