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What is your reality?

6 June, 2017

A frog’s eye is capable of perceiving 4 types of phenomena:

1. clear lines of contrast 2. sudden changes in illumination 3. outlines in motion 4. curves of outlines of small, dark objects

A frog does not ‘see’ it’s mother’s face, it cannot appreciate a sunset, nor even the nuances of colour. It sees only what it needs to see in order to eat and to avoid being eaten.

In the same way, human eyes are selective too. We think we see ‘everything’, until we remember that bees draw patterns on flowers in ultraviolet light and owls see clearly in the dark.

The senses of every species are fine-tuned to perceive information critical to their survival. In other words, you and I perceive only the information we are biologically programmed to receive.

Which begs the question, “What IS your reality?”



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