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22 June, 2018

I spend a fair amount of time surfing the internet and looking for interesting sites with great content. Apparently, I’m spending 24 hours a week online (according to online research), and this has more than doubled over the past ten years.

An area of interest for me is branding (no shit). When I type the word ‘branding’ into Google I get 267,000,000 search results. And yes, my blog does appear on page 2 of the Google search results, which gives me some satisfaction (although I do spend a fair bit on SEO, so it doesn’t come cheaply).

What I’m really looking for though are branding blogs containing articles, opinions, views, ideas – original content that’s current and topical. And finding those few gems in the mud (remember, there are 267,000,000 places to look) has always been a time-consuming effort. Until I discovered FEEDSPOT.

FEEDSPOT is an RSS platform that connects internet surfers to the blogs they love. So I just click my areas of interest (our of a list of more than 100 topics), and in the “branding” topic it lists 207 branding blogs for me to peruse and discover. Suddenly I’m in the zone, and the pickings are rich. FEEDSPOT also has a TOP 100 branding blogs listing based on search and social metrics (and yes, I am listed, albeit at #61 – gotta improve on that).

After playing a bit with FEEDSPOT I discover I can subscribe to daily or weekly updates from my favourite blogs, and track Google News keyword alerts – a bit like creating my own custom-made newsroom on FEEDSPOT. Plus there’s a whole heap of other features.

Brand strategy is all about the art of reduction. At the beginning of every project I amass a vast array of information, ideas, and opinions. And my job is to clear away the clutter and expose the truth that sits at the core of this array of information, ideas, and opinions.

As I sometimes like to say in my talks, “Just show me where the heck Wally is”. Sites like FEEDSPOT help me to focus quicker and more effectively. Hats off to you guys 🙂

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