Brand as story


27 August, 2018

I love this story about how to write a good creative brief. It’s the same for developing a good brand strategy.

There are five possible briefs Michelangelo could have received from his client, Pope Julius II, to paint the Sistine Chapel:

1. Paint the ceiling.

2. Paint the ceiling using lots of red, green and yellow paint

3. Cover up the cracks and damp spots on the ceiling with something nice.

4. Paint some biblical scenes on the ceiling incorporating some or all of the following: God, Adam, Angels, Cupids, sinners, and saints.

5. Paint the ceiling for the greater glory of God, and as an inspiration and lesson to his people.

Apparently, the last brief was Michelangelo’s brief. Which explains a lot.

Here’s the question for YOU? What sort of briefs are you dishing out to your people, partners, consultants, suppliers, and agencies?


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