Brand you

12 October, 2017

01 04 Is Brand YOU for me? 10 reasons why you’ll never do anything amazing with your life. Yeah. You heard me. I’m talking to YOU. I’m looking you right in the eyes and telling you that you don’t stand a chance. I’m telling you that if you can look through this list and say […]

Brand YOU

brand YOU

7 November, 2016

Interview with Geoff Nix from Real Time Minds on my second book, Are You Living Your Resume Or Your Eulogy? Plus a few tips and ideas at the beginning on how to “do” branding.

This photo was taken at the launch of a German army ship in 1936 by Der Fuhrer. And there, right in the middle of the ardent “Sieg Heils”, stands August Landmesser. Arms folded. Head titled upwards. Slightly apart from the others. An expression on his face that pretty much says, “No fucks given”. August’s story is well […]

Brand YOU

brand YOU

27 November, 2015

Happy and proud to announce the release of my second book. If you like my stuff you’ll dig the book. Available on Amazon. Just click on the image below:  

They say that who you really are is what you do when nobody is watching you. You aren’t out to impress anybody, and you’re just being your good old self. Perhaps who you really are is what you do when everybody is watching – especially when the people watching you don’t know you, have never […]

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