Home confinement is a strange thing. In the 1650s, the French philosopher Blaise Pascal noted that: ‘The sole cause of man’s unhappiness is that he cannot stay quietly in his room.’ Really? Surely having to stay confined in one’s quarters is a kind of psychological torture? Pascal’s idea challenges one of our most cherished beliefs: that […]

For the most part, we have accepted the need for lockdown and social distancing on face value and done what we were told to do. But now I think it’s time we had a serious Covid_fucking_19 reality check: Total cases (all Australian numbers) = 7,118. New cases in the past 24 hours = 9. Total […]

Our world is under siege. I made this video on Friday. It’s how I see the state of play, what’s gone down, how we have been let down, and what needs to happen in future. This is the script: Our world is under siege. It’s not the enemy we expected. It’s not the enemy we were warned […]

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