So this sign company did a study to see how accurately people can remember the features and colors of famous brand logos.They asked over 150 Americans to draw 10 famous logos from memory as accurately as they could. The results reveal how these well recognised emblems largely exist as fuzzy memories in our mind’s eye. […]

I asked him if he [Paul Rand] would come up with a few options, and he said, “No, I will solve your problem for you and you will pay me. You don’t have to use the solution. If you want options go talk to other people.” — Steve Jobs on Paul Rand, one of the […]

Ten years ago the brand consulting firm Landor repositioned BP from British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum. In what was easily the most famous repositioning case of the new century, BP changed its logo, its name and its positioning to reflect the fact that the company was now actively “exploring new ways to live without oil”. […]

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