When I was a kid in primary school we had to sit a General Knowledge test. There were 20 questions, and the question that stumped us all was the last one; “What’s the name of the lady who cleans our classroom every afternoon?” We all thought it was a bit of a joke question.  We […]

I spend a fair amount of time surfing the internet and looking for interesting sites with great content. Apparently, I’m spending 24 hours a week online (according to online research), and this has more than doubled over the past ten years. An area of interest for me is branding (no shit). When I type the […]

Wherever there’s a light bulb, there’s somebody whose job it is to change it. That’s true whether we’re talking about a street lamp or those blinking lights way at the top of a television tower. In this video the tower technician scales the 460-metre KDLT-TV analog tower near Salem, South Dakota, to change one lightbulb. Apparently he […]

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