Steve Young hangs up this sign outside his small dry cleaning business in Oregon. It helps unemployed people to get a job. Many people have taken Plaza Cleaners up on the offer, sometimes coming back to thank them because they got the job. But Steve insists they’re thanking the wrong people.  “If we didn’t have our regular customers, we […]

Here’s a funny short story, stolen from Tom, who stole it from Jon, who stole it from Jeremy. Jeremy was traveling on an Air Canada flight. On landing, the aircraft slammed down on to the runway with a terrible bang. Quite reasonably, the passengers waited for an explanation from the captain. And this is what […]

Brand as service

brand as service

25 September, 2014

A banking client of mine sent through an article titled Banking In A Changing World: Moments of truth at the front line. And it makes for a very interesting read. Here is my edited highlight: Many banks are falling short when it comes to customer loyalty. Although they are investing record sums in traditional loyalty […]

For decades, Porsche has told us that “There Is No Substitute” for its cars. Two generations have grown up with that mantra. The slogan is etched into the subconscious of every car enthusiast. We all know that if you say something enough times, people will believe it. I believe it. And frankly, there really is […]

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