This film for Beats by Dre is dedicated to Conor McGregor — he who is facing Floyd Mayweather in the biggest battle of his fighting career — and is not only topical and timely, it is pure inspiration. We all need heroes, especially as young boys. My childhood hero was Muhammad Ali, and today I […]

There was an industrialist whose production line inexplicably broke down, costing him millions of dollars a day. He finally tracked down an engineering expert who took out a screwdriver, turned one screw, and then – as the factory cranked back to life – presented a bill for $100,000. Affronted, the factory owner demands an itemised version. […]

There are fragrances, there are luxury fragrances, and then there’s Clive Christian. Originally established as The Crown Perfumery during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1872, the fragrance house had fallen upon hard times, with declining profits and a fall in the quality of its products. Perfumer Clive Christian purchased The Crown Perfumery in 1999, intent […]

So Coca-Cola is set to remove Coke Zero from Australian shops with the launch of Coca-Cola No Sugar. This is the third sugar-free product the brand has launched, with Diet Coke launching in 1983 and then Coke Zero in 2006. I helped Coca-Cola reposition Coke Zero shortly after it launched. When Coca-Cola launched Coke Zero they […]

Cigarette advertising has come a long way. As has cigarette packaging. I ran a small agency called Neon Pigeon in the mid 1990s, and we developed the ad campaign that launched the new health warnings on cigarette packs (SMOKING KILLS). At that time it was a health warning label stuck onto the fully branded cigarette […]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has become notorious for spontaneously exploding. The owner of the Jeep in the pic above had a Note 7 charging on the dashboard when it exploded and set his vehicle on fire. Events such as this has led to the Note 7 being banned from carriage on many airlines, and eventually […]

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