1. It’s more heart than head. In a world of parity, give me a reason to choose you. 2. It stands for something. In a world of proliferation, show me where the heck Wally is. Seems obvious, and yet most everyday branding I see around me is more rational than emotional and/or more intent on […]

The hardest thing about being an awesome brand is that you have to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s Brand YOU or whether it’s a company brand, the moment you “stand” for something you become a target for all of the other people who don’t like what you stand for. It just comes with […]

This film for Beats by Dre is dedicated to Conor McGregor — he who is facing Floyd Mayweather in the biggest battle of his fighting career — and is not only topical and timely, it is pure inspiration. We all need heroes, especially as young boys. My childhood hero was Muhammad Ali, and today I […]

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