I'm delighted to be listed again in the World's Top 30 Global Brand Gurus for 2023. This is the 10th year in a row that I have been listed.

I am delighted to be listed again in the World’s Top 30 Brand Professionals for 2023. Thanks to Global Gurus for endorsing me, and thanks to everyone I know for your support.

I was first listed in 2014, when I was ranked #29. I’ve since been listed every year, with my highest ranking being #3, and appearing in the top 10 Global Brand Gurus six times.

I often wonder about these sort of rankings: how legitimate and robust are they actually? But when I look at some of the experts in the Top 30 Brand Gurus I actually feel pretty proud of my own achievements and the company I’m in (Jerome Joseph, David Brier, Martin Lindstrom, Laura Ries, Marty Neumeier, Bruce Turkel).

How they shortlist the Global Guru Categories

In shortlisting the contenders of the various Global Guru Categories, Global Gurus focus on those practitioners, trainers, speakers and consultants who develop and instil competency in others.

Their research came from e-mails sent to 22,000 business people, consultants, academics and MBA’s around the world for nominations, and their own public opinion poll. They then shortlist 60 names, do a Google search for ranking, then request voting.

The Top 30 Gurus, in their respective categories are the “Cream of the Crop”, the World’s Top 30 most influential Professionals, Speakers, Trainers and/or Consultants in their areas and have received more than 500 votes each. All not only apply their own principals to achieve superior results in their organisations, but develop and influence people and organisations throughout the globe.

The criteria for judging the TOP 30 Global Brand Gurus

Global Gurus, who has been ranking thought leaders since 2007, state that their primary criteria is an impactful unique perspective, system, or approach that is practically implementable within their category of expertise. The second factor is public opinion. The breakdown of total voting criteria is as follow:

Public opinion – 30%

Originality of ideas – 30%

Impact of original ideas – 10%

Practicality of ideas – 10%

Presentation style – 10%

Number of publications and writings – 5%

Guru factor 5%

Global Gurus then add, “Selected Recommendations from Corps de Elite Gurus augment the above criteria”. Sounds good to me, and so I’ll take a bow as a Global Brand Guru again in 2023. I look forward to continue weaving my branding and speaking magic wherever and whenever I can.

Richard Sauerman
Richard Sauerman
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