Is one of the main reasons you’re in your current job because the money is good? And is one of the main reasons you are reluctant to leave your job because you can’t imagine taking a pay cut, or the profession you really want to pursue has limited earning prospects? I ask people these questions […]

In some of my workshops I ask participants, “What are the attributes of a peak performer?” And the list I get to write up on the white-board is pretty much the same every time – passionate, creative, brave, self-confident, fearless, visionary, empathetic, determined, tenacious, original, and so on. I then remind participants of the one […]

The hardest thing about creating and living an awesome brand is the haters who criticise you. Whether it’s Brand YOU or whether it’s a company or organisational brand, the moment you stand for something you become a target for haters. Every person and every company and every organisation wants to be popular. And that popularity comes at a […]

This photo was taken at the launch of a German army ship in 1936 by Der Fuhrer. And there, right in the middle of the ardent “Sieg Heils”, stands August Landmesser. Arms folded. Head titled upwards. Slightly apart from the others. An expression on his face that pretty much says, “No fucks given”. August’s story is well […]

Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. She put her observations into a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. She writes of the phenomenal clarity of vision that people gain at the end of their […]

Brand YOU

The power of YOU

22 February, 2016

When you understand that what most people really, really want is simply to feel good about themselves, and when you realise that with just a few well-chosen words you can help virtually anyone on the planet instantly achieve this, you begin to realise just how simple life is, and how powerful you are.

Last week a CEO client stopped me in mid conversation and said, “My super power is pattern recognition. What’s yours?” He hails from The Valley, so I guess this sort of language is to be expected. His question did make me think of Google’s amazing brand campaign, Your Rock Stars Aren’t Like Our Rock Stars. […]

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