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Business As UNusual

How to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty in a changing world.

If Covid taught us one thing it’s that the world is not as stable and predictable as we once thought. Living and working with change is the new norm now more than ever before. Despite that, talk of ‘change’ creates unease, anxiety, and stress. And that’s because our brains are biologically hardwired to resist change: The #1 reason why 70% of Change Management processes fail.

Business as UNusual is a new change paradigm for all people, at all levels and in all roles.

We are all immigrants into a new time. There are no signposts indicating the way forward, no how-to instruction manual, and a lack of precedent as yesterday’s lessons and experiences count for little in a brand new, very different world.

Business as Usual (BAU) thinking, attitudes and behaviours put limits on what’s possible and shut the doors of innovation, invention, originality, and creativity. And yet, old habits die hard. Too many companies and organisations are run like Country Clubs. No one disagrees with anyone else in a substantive way. When asked for an opinion, they’ll either check with the boss or hide through clichés. Questions are discouraged and giving answers is avoided. No-one contradicts a position already taken. All because people are afraid of the unknown, and so old habits rule supreme.

The element of surprise and risk that comes with change is THE very essence of what it means to be alive. If you worked and lived in a world that never changed, you’d stop growing and die. When people get this their whole attitude towards change completely flips.

Richard will make the case for taking more intelligent risks in business (as well as in life), and he will leave his audience with a stronger determination to back themselves and their ability to be brave and bold AGENTS OF CHANGE in a world that’s not waiting for anyone.

Business as UNusual is an interactive talk with real-life lessons, examples and stories from Richard’s 35-year professional career. The experience is high energy, fun, funny, and very real. Richard’s delivery is supported by videos and powerful images.

Business as UNusual audiences will learn:

  • What change looks like.
  • Why people resist change.
  • How people resist change.
  • How to change people’s attitude towards change.
  • What things never change.
  • How to make change work in your favour.

Richard is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Richard is generous, entertaining, sensitive, and above all, authentic.

Director of Strategy, Leo Burnett

Watch Richard in Action

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Business as UNusual is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote presentation or an extended half day program: Online, hybrid or in-person.