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Power Brand Building

Richard’s brand strategy online course will show you how to do organisation, company or business branding that stands out, builds trust, engages employees, and attracts and retains customers.

Most industries are saturated with brands that tick all the boxes, don’t stand for anything, and don’t stand out. They lack impact and connection. They have no power.

Successful brands are those that make sense and are believed, felt and loved. That's Richard's definition of a Power Brand.

The goal is to build a Power Brand that is believed, felt and loved.

Power Brands are about people – employees, customers, and business partners – and how they connect with your company, business, or organisation.

Power brands are brands that make sense and are believed, felt, and loved.Power brands build trust, win customers, attract and keep talent, and differentiate you from the competition.Power brands are not something you add to your business or organisation, they are the reason you exist.This makes branding a leadership conversation, not a marketing one, which completely changes the brand paradigm.

"Richard was direct, raw, and challenged us to think about what our brand truly meant to us and helped us simplify our proposition and elevator pitch. He was engaging and ensured that the whole team felt part of the brand re-positioning process. We are now all singing from the same hymn sheet.."

iQumulate, Head of Brand & Marketing

"Richard is a genuine and insightful brand engineer who simplifies the hidden complexities of designing and building a modern brand. Richard has many talents but what stands out for me is he gives a shit about helping you make your brand the best brand it can possibly be by giving it the heart and soul it needs to inspire and engage your employees and customers."

Maturious, CEO

Power brands don’t happen by accident. Power brands happen when you get everyone and every team singing and playing off the same song sheet, from the boardroom to the shop floor to the call centre, and everything in-between. Richard has been branding in this way for 20 years, and it can be learned and applied by anyone with a head and a heart.

Whatever the mission has been, and whatever the size of the organisation or the nature of their business, Richard has used the same highly effective approach and frameworks to build brands that transform organisations and engage their  people.

Designed for busy, full-time professionals, the Changing the Game Academy Power Brand Building is The Brand Guy's full, definitive approach and IP to building your own Power Brand. There is no other course like it today, so join the waitlist now.


LENGTH: 8 modules
COST:   AUD $395
DATES:  Self-paced, so start whenever you're ready

Master the skills and concepts to build a Power Brand that inspires and engages your people, and outperforms the market and your competition.Learn how to build intangible value inside your own organisation through the power of your brand.Participate as an individual or create a tailored cohort for your organisation.Learn from Richard Sauerman, The Brand Guy. Ranked in the Top 30 Global Branding Gurus since 2014 (currently 9th).Join a vibrant community of professionals.

The course isn’t about just listening and reading. It’s an immersive and practical experience, and it’s about doing. Participants will complete small exercises each week, and should allocate 2-3 hours of quality, productive time, each week to complete materials, activities, and exercises.

Participants are free to choose when to allocate their time during each week, however as the course is cohort-based, modules need to be completed before moving into a subsequent week. The only exception to this is the two recorded Live Streams, that are scheduled at a fixed day/time in advance of Week 1.

Busy professionals need an effective learning pathway to master new skills and concepts.


Executives and Senior Managers.HR Professionals.Marketers.Sales Professionals.Business Strategists.Change & Project Specialists.

"A true thought-provoking engagement that ran from top to bottom within the business and engaged all managers and staff. Highly recommend Richard to assist you and your business when thinking Brand and positioning for success."

True Value Solar, CEO

"Richard is a breath of fresh air to work with. He has a sharp business mind, but he also has amazing insight into human behaviour and what makes people tick. This combination makes his strategic work very powerful and on point. I have never worked with someone more inspiring, creative and brilliant."

Sydney Jewish Museum, Head of Marketing


Power Brand Building is a unique 8-week course.  It covers a practical, real-world approach for building your own Power Brand — from how to build your own Power Brand Blueprint to building out your Brand Strategy (on the inside as well as the outside), to making your brand happen by hitting the ground running.

In completing the course, you will learn:

A Brand New Paradigm

How branding has moved from the marketing department to the leadership team, and what this means for your branding strategy and the way you brand your organisation, business or company. Covers Branding Strategy = Business Strategy; Branding as a Business Model.

Branding Mastery

How to master the skills, concepts and techniques to build a Power Brand that makes sense and is believed and loved. Covers Brand Strategy Process; Brand Strategy Framework; Brand Positioning.

Purpose-driven Branding

How to discover the true purpose of your Power Brand and make it the driving force behind everything you do and say as an organisation, business or company. Covers Comprehensive Brand Strategy; Brand Story; Brand Personality; Brand Identity.

Branding the Inside

How to build a Power Brand that lifts the culture, engages employees, retains and attracts talent, and shifts performance. Covers Brand as Culture; Internal Communications; Brand Guidelines; Brand Equity.

Branding the Outside

How to go to market with a Power Brand-driven positioning, promise and value proposition that’s distinct, unique, compelling, and true. Covers Brand Target Audience; Brand Positioning; Brand Personality; Brand Voice; Brand Identity; Brand Messaging; Visual Identity; Brand Recognition; Customer Experience.

Is this course right for me?

Power Brand Building is based on the pioneering work of The Brand Guy, Richard Sauerman. He has 35 years experience working for multi-national ad agencies on global brands, and then working for himself with CEOs and Executive, HR and Marketing teams to reboot and reshape their brands and businesses.

You will benefit from this course if you are:

Leading or supporting a market-facing brand.Running your own business, small, medium or large, and you need a strong brand.Leading or supporting business transformation initiatives.Leading or supporting a brand-driven culture.Operating in a B2B or B2C business where branding matters.Working in a business or organisation that is looking at building or revisiting your brand.

Why now?

Branding has become a critical capability (or risk) and a major source of intangible value for organisations and businesses.More so than ever before, employees and consumers expect brands to walk their talk. It seems few organisations and companies are getting that right.Company culture has become a key area of focus, especially for large businesses and organisations after the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking and Financial Services Industry.On a personal level, Power Brand Building will help you to learn and develop new skills, different ways of thinking, and a greater willingness to back your own intuition.Branding has never been more important.

"The way Richard works is unique. He is highly collaborative, but not compromising. He is lateral and imaginative in this thinking, yet deeply pragmatic. He is direct, honest but not threatening. At the core of Richard's work is his interest in people, and understanding how people think, feel, and behave. He intuitively gets what motivates and engages people, and he brought this empathy, energy, and enthusiasm to every piece of work he did for us."

QBE, Group Global Executive Officer, People & Communications

"Richard's personal meld of creativity and integrity will have your whole company jiving to whatever messages you want. He can grab complex business strategy, a roomful of suspicious people, and have them eating out of his hand through reflecting back an organisation's needs in a creative and passionate way. Whether it's insurance, media, not-for-profit or any business, the way Richard helps teams to realise and recognise the people drivers in their business is truly special."

CSIRO, General Manager Communication


The Brand Guy Approach
  • About the Brand Guy.
  • Making Brands Accessible and Actionable.
  • Styles of Brand Strategy Planning.
  • Eight Essential Branding Conversations.


Branding Starts at the Top
  • Gain Support and Buy-in from Senior Management.
  • Aligning your Brand to what your Company or Organisation Says and Does.
  • Building a Brand that People will Trust.
  • The Value of Intangible Value.
  • Putting Brand Purpose at the Heart of your Power Brand Strategy.


Brand Discovery
  • Using Research to Search.
  • Gathering Insights and Learnings from Internal and External Sources.
  • Contextual analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Customer and employee research
  • Brand audit.
  • The Red Wine Midnight Conversation.


Brand Distillery
  • Defining the Branding Task.
  • Organising Information to Support your Brand Development.
  • Start to Build your Power Brand Blueprint.
  • Get the Balance Right Between the Hard and the Soft.
  • Brand Positioning in a Cluttered marketplace.
  • Using Brand Archetypes to Understand your Brand Personality and Identity.
  • Reduce your Brand to its Core Essence.


Brand Strategy
  • Develop a congruent brand strategy (who, where, what, how, why).
  • Craft language that makes your brand stand out from the competition.
  • Bring your brand to life with visuals.
  • Build a cohesive brand story.


Brand on the Inside
  • Aligning HR, people and culture with your brand.
  • Linking company values and behaviours to your brand.
  • Develop a clear employee value proposition (EVP) linked to your brand.


Brand on the Outside
  • Develop customer profiles and brand personality archetypes.
  • Develop your brand promise and brand identity.
  • Articulating a clear value proposition.


Making your Brand Happen
  • Creating a brand-driven marketing strategy and initiatives.
  • Creating a brand-driven culture program and initiatives.
  • Measuring and tracking your brand’s performance.


Richard Sauerman is The Brand Guy and has been ranked in the Global Top 30 Brand Gurus since 2014 (ranked 10th in 2023).

He has created and worked on brands at some of the world’s greatest advertising agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, McCann Erickson) as well as in his own business, from global brands (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Levis, Streets, Toyota, Nescafe, Vodafone) to Australian brands (Arnott’s, CSIRO, QBE, Data61, Surf Lifesaving Australia, Tourism Australia, Mortgage Choice) to start-ups (LeukBook, T-shirt Ventures).

Richard pioneered a new way to do branding, where everything you do and say as a company or organisation is driven by and aligned to your brand strategy: the way you do business, the way you treat your employees, the way you treat your customers and suppliers, your products and services, as well as [and not just] your marketing communications. He works closely with CEOs and Executive, HR and Marketing teams to reboot and reshape their brands and businesses, and he is an Advisory Board member for two start-ups.

Richard runs a successful strategy, brand and communications agency called Brandcraft, he has published two books, he appears in the media on brand-related issues, and he is a sought-after speaker who delivers keynote talks and runs workshops on Real YOU, Power Branding, Branding the Inside, and Business as UNusual.

"Richard is a peak performer. Driven, fearless and with energy to burn. He finds the beautiful truth and articulates the powerful story inside every organisation. He shines the light on those around him and true to his word wakes up their tigers. His genuine love and passion for what he does is contagious. "

STW Group, Chief Operating Offricer

"Richard is the best brand strategist, creative thinker and thought- provoking motivational professionals that I have experienced, and I have met a few in my time! He is challenging, inspirational and pushes people to think differently. I would not hesitate to recommend him – he is truly brilliant!"

Allegis Group, Managing Director Global Marketing


COURSE: Power Brand Building
START:  Whenever you're ready
LENGTH: 8 modules (self-paced: you can do it in your own time)
RRP:   AUD $395

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