Brandcraft: branding agency in Australia, and the vehicle to take your business and your people to the outer stratosphere and beyond.


We help people build corporate brands in Australia and abroad that transforms people and businesses. You can buy a person’s time, you can buy a person’s physical presence at a given place, and you can buy market share if you offer a big enough discount. But you cannot buy enthusiasm. You can’t buy initiative. You cannot buy loyalty. You cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds and souls. You have to earn these things. And that’s what just the right brand development does.

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Great brand strategy drives high employee engagement—people that work for you not because they need a job, but because they believe what you believe. Great branding attracts customers and earns their trust and loyalty—people who buy your products and services not because it’s on sale this week, but because they believe what you believe. And, as we all know, people who believe what you believe will fly to the end of the universe for you, no matter how much [or how little] you pay them to do it.


Brandcraft is the Strategy, Design, and Communications corporate branding company that I run with my designer colleague Nick Beckhurst.
After working together on major branding projects since 2010, Nick and I joined forces a few years ago to set up our own branding firm.
We know our stuff – we have branded some of the world’s top brands, and some of Australia’s largest companies. And we are hands on – we are the guys with the brains and ideas who work on our clients’ business, because that’s what we love doing.
Although we are a branding agency in Sydney, we work with clients in Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, and Armidale.

WE DO branding that lifts performance

One of the most effective ways to lift your performance is through brand, but not as you know it. The days when brand was a marketing function are over. Brand is now a leadership issue.

Your brand is not something you add to your business, your brand is the reason your business exists. Your brand is the purpose and passion that propels everything your company does. This is the approach we use when working on corporate branding in Australia and abroad.


It is about belief, purpose, meaning, conviction and courage. Because the brutal reality of today’s brand new world is this: If you don’t stand for something you’re dead, it’s just a matter of time.
What does your brand stand for?
Why is your brand great?
Why does your brand matter? Seriously.
Because if you don’t know, then nobody else will know either—and nobody else will care. In order to build and maintain successful strategic brand management, you need clarity and consistency. A clearly articulated and authentic brand is the most powerful way to lift the performance of your people and your sales, and to create the future you want.

Contact Brandcraft if …

you struggle to say what your brand stands for
your value proposition is unclear and confusing
your marketing efforts seem weak and feeble
your service staff are not living and breathing your brand
your brand reputation is lackluster and dimming
your people are not motivated and engaged at work
you are in the throes of a massive business transformation
your brand is not consistently delivering on its promise