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Real You

Stop doing your job and living your life with the handbrake on.

Companies don’t make things happen: People do. When it comes to work and the workplace, too many people are doing their job with the handbrake on. Each of us has potential that extends far beyond our actual day-to-day performance. Instead, we settle for being a 7/10 because it’s a reasonable position to take, it gets the job done, it doesn’t require taking any unnecessary risks, and it’s just a very safe place to be.

Real YOU removes the barriers that are holding people back by inviting participants to step out of their comfort zone and step up their game.

When it comes to people, self-belief and attitude are everything. What people think, feel, and believe about themselves shapes and drives their identity, their performance at work, and their lives. Real YOU lays the foundations of positive self-belief and attitude for all people, at all levels and in all roles: Leaders, managers, sales and marketing teams, customer service teams, business owners, creatives and innovators.

Real YOU is a journey of self-discovery designed to take give participants an experience they will literally never forget. It’s like riding a bicycle: Once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you know forever; it’s always in you.

Richard does not give a lecture: His task is one of facilitation, removing the obstacles that are stifling peak performance and helping people to reach their full potential both professionally and personally. As such, his approach is aligned with the ideas and practices of the Human Potential Movement (Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl, Alan Watts, et al) and Positive Psychology (Martin Seligman).

Real YOU is highly interactive with lots of audience participation. While the subject matter may be considered serious, the experience is high energy, fun, funny, and very real. Richard’s delivery is backed up with videos, music, and powerful images.

Real YOU is not an esoteric navel-gazing exercise. Real YOU has a practical hard-headed impact on people’s everyday concerns and quality of life. Participants leave the Real YOU experience with a feeling of freedom and empowerment, and a plan of immediate action.

Real YOU audiences and participants will:

  • Rediscover their passion (positive attitude)
  • Doubt themselves less (self-belief)
  • Know themselves more (self-awareness)
  • See their colleagues in a new light (empathy)
  • Leave the room with a plan of IMMEDIATE action (impact)
  • And a skip in their step 🙂

In only an hour, Richard convinced us to step outside our comfort zone, challenge the way we think about ourselves and start taking every day actions to achieve our version of success.

Managing Director, Ogilvy Health

Watch Richard in Action

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Real YOU is a 60-minute talk or full-day workshop – and anything in between – that lays the foundations of self-belief and a positive attitude for all people, at all levels and in all roles. Online, hybrid or in-person.