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Keynote Speaker & Global Brand Guru


Talks and workshops that remove the barriers holding people back at work and in life.

Richard is one of the top motivational speakers in Australia, with the experience, insights, honesty, and energy to connect with his audience in a unique and powerful way.

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Richard has been challenging and inspiring audiences for twenty years.

You were by far the highlight of the entire 3 days. Our leaders rated you 9.3/10. One participant said, “The Brand Guy changed my life”.

Sales Director, Newscorp

If you're talking peak performance, branding, people and culture, creativity, or managing change, Richard is the right motivational speaker for your next event or conference.

Richard has been ranked in the Top 30 Global Brand Gurus since 2014 (currently ranked 9th). He has built brands and led teams at some of the world’s greatest advertising agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, McCann Erickson) as well as in his own business (Brandcraft).

Richard pioneered a new way to do branding, where everything you do and say as a company or organisation is driven by and aligned to your brand strategy: The way you do business, the way you treat your employees, the way you treat your customers and suppliers, your products and services, as well as [and not just] your marketing communications.

Richard believes that business success always comes down to your people, and his talks and workshops have been created to tap into people's natural desire to aim high, do great work and make an impact.

Richard was the stand out speaker of the day.
WOW! was the result.

Professional Conference Organiser,
Marketing & Media Event

We have never had such great feedback from one of our #digitalks: 90% rated your talk as “excellent”.

CMO, Aquent

When it comes to motivational speakers, Richard Sauerman's passion and inspiration is unmatched.

What people think, feel, and believe shapes and drives their self-belief, attitude and performance at work.

Richard has developed an intuitive sense of what makes people tick and how to overcome adversity over his career as a branding and communications expert. Now, as a conference and workshop speaker, he shares his broad range of life experience and knowledge to challenge, inspire and motivate his audiences to new levels of performance. 

Richard is a great speaker. His style is passionate enthusiastic, provocative, empathetic, and ruthlessly honest. He’s an enemy of mediocrity, a challenger of norms and conventional thinking, and a champion of people. He has delivered keynotes and workshops across Australia and around the world for twenty years.

Topics: Keynotes and Workshops

Put him in front of your staff and he will unlock something amazing in them.

Senior Manager, Yaffa Media

Richard brings more than just words - his thought provoking and powerful message drives a deep emotional response from the audience. Brilliant presentation!

CEO, Innovative Retail

Richard's keynotes and workshops are a wake up call for people at work.

Richard removes the barriers that are holding people back and inhibiting peak performance by inviting participants to step out of their comfort zone and step up their game. 

He believes each one of us has potential that extends far beyond our actual day-to-day performance. Instead of living and working 10/10 lives, we often settle for 7/10 because it’s a reasonable position to take, it gets the job done, it doesn’t require taking any unnecessary risks, and it’s just a safe place to be.

His task is one of facilitation, removing the handbrake that's stifling peak performance and helping people to reach their full potential both professionally and personally.

As such, his approach is aligned with the ideas and practices of the Human Potential Movement (Abraham Maslow, Viktor Frankl, Alan Watts, et al) and Positive Psychology (Martin Seligman).

Richard believes that driving successful outcomes in people requires new thinking, greater self-belief, a positive attitude, and a genuine desire to want to step out of your comfort zone and start being the person you really are.

Richard gives his audience an experience that they will literally never forget.

Richard is not one of those keynote speakers who deliver long presentations and boring lectures. Acquiring information is passive, which is why his content been developed to take participants on a journey of discovery and give them an experience they literally won’t forget.

It’s like riding a bicycle: You can talk to a group of people about how to ride a bicycle for 60 minutes or even a full day, and they still won’t be able to ride a bicycle because you talked about it. But as soon as you give them the actual experience of riding a bicycle, and they start riding, it’s something they’ll never forget. This is how Richard's talks and workshops work.

While the subject matter may be considered serious, the way Richard engages people is by being fun, funny, inspiring, and real.

His audience is invited to contribute to the conversation by participating in group exercises, commenting and sharing.

Richard’s delivery is backed up with videos, music, visuals, and a large whiteboards to map the journey and capture audience feedback.

His content never remains the same. It's always reflecting current ideas, attitudes, and issues, and these things do change from one day to the next.

Richard offers clients the opportunity to customise his content to better meet their needs.

 Richard's talks and workshops can be customised to meet your specific needs. If you want to hire him as a conference speaker or to run a workshop with your people, he will first ask for a brief to understand where you are coming from and what you are looking to achieve.

Your team might be delivering average outcomes, and not fully backing themselves when it comes to pushing for remarkable work. Your leaders might be closed off to the people they’re supposed to lead. People in your organisation might be resisting change. Your brand might be lacklustre and in need of some love and inspiration. You may have a culture where people feel they can’t express their ideas or views. Employee engagement might be on the fall. Or you may want a keynote that supports the theme of your next all-staff event.

Whatever specific issues or challenges you're facing, Richard can adapt his content to meet your specific event, business or team needs and requirements.

Richard's keynotes and seminars will have a long-lasting, positive impact on your audience.


Richard's workshop was high-energy, high-value and hilarious! He thinks like a pro and talks like he is walking on air. His energy is infectious.

Vice President Marketing, American Express

If you're looking for a speaker like no other to shift the gears of your daily grind, book him!

CEO, Surf Lifesaving Australia

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