H&M is one of the most well-known brands in the world, with global brand consultancy Interbrand ranking it the 23rd best known company worldwide in 2017. They do business “The H&M Way”, and this is their brand commitment and promise: We are a value-driven, customer-focused, creative and responsible fashion company. Fashion, team spirit and constant […]

Millennials (Gen Y, born 1980-2000, aged 17-37) aren’t driving motorcycles. And that’s really hurting Harley-Davidson. Investment management and research firm Alliance Bernstein downgraded Harley-Davidson’s rating from ‘outperform’ to plain ‘market perform’ in a note it sent to investors last week. Alliance Bernstein analyst David Beckel said in the report that data showed Millennials just weren’t […]

So Coca-Cola is set to remove Coke Zero from Australian shops with the launch of Coca-Cola No Sugar. This is the third sugar-free product the brand has launched, with Diet Coke launching in 1983 and then Coke Zero in 2006. I helped Coca-Cola reposition Coke Zero shortly after it launched. When Coca-Cola launched Coke Zero they […]

So today my Global Brand Guru ranking moved from #12 to #3. And I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. But here’s the question. Does it matter? Is it a big deal? Does anyone give a shit? On the one hand … no, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a ranking done by a research organisation […]

PwC is one of the biggest auditors around the world, and is a brand that has built its reputation on accuracy. And so they have been trusted to handle the Oscar tabulation process for 83 years – the technically challenging task of counting the votes, writing the name of the winner on a card, and […]

It’s been a long Tuesday morning at the office, and you’re hanging for lunch. Time has dragged, and it’s just one of those days when you’re feeling “meh”. You don’t have any meetings in the afternoon, you’ve spent the morning mooching around and not achieving much, and you keep thinking how you’d love to take […]

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