Here's a tip: If you're heading to a job interview, try not to tell people to go fuck themselves on the way there - they might end up being your interviewer.

They say that who you really are – the Real YOU – is what you do when nobody is watching you. You aren’t out to impress anybody, and you’re just being your good old self. How sure can you be though that no-one is watching?!

Which is why his story on Mashable really made me laugh. “Commuter tells man to fuck himself, then turns up for job interview with him.”

It’s called Karma, and it’s pronounced HAHAHAHA

It appears this guy was travelling on the London Underground on a Monday morning when a fellow passenger blocked his way. He responded in the traditional London manner, with a push, a shove and a whole heap of expletives.

Perhaps he was stressed – after all, he did have an interview lined up for a role at Forward Partners [a company that invests in entrepreneurs with big ideas] later that day.

What he didn’t realise was that the man he pushed, shoved, and swore at was the Head of Talent and Recruiting at Forward Partners, who had one task for the afternoon: to fill the role that guy was interviewing for. Awkward!

Of course this happy little co-incidence made it’s way onto Twitter, with the Head of Talent and Recruiting at Forward Partners tweeting, “Karma – the guy who pushed past me on the tube and then suggested I go fuck myself just arrived for his interview… with me…”.

And if you think this was a one-off, extremely rare incident, his tweet then got a whole heap of responses detailing similar “interviewing incidents”.

“I’ve actually experienced that. Had a row on a car park with women. Then walked into interview … #awkward”

“A while ago a fella in a BMW road raged me on my way to work – and yes I was interviewing him too.”

“This happened to me – interviewee cut in and took my parking space before telling me to “chill the fuck out”. Oops.”

Real YOU: what you put out you get back

So it seems that Karma does have a way of coming around and biting us in the proverbial arse. Now whether you believe in Karma or not, the person who you are – the Real YOU – does have consequences, be they good or bad. They may happen directly, or indirectly. They may happen today, or someday. But they will happen. And it’s the little things you do, day in, day out, that make all the difference – whether you are on your own, in the presence of strangers, or in the company of friends.

You, me, and we create our world in this way. And it all begins with knowing, owning, and being the brand that is the Real YOU. And I’ll bet my house that the guy going for the role at Forward Partners did not have it in his Brand Plan “to be fuck rude and obnoxious to strangers on the tube”.

On a final note, there was one more “interviewing incident” reply tweet to the Head of Talent and Recruiting’s tweet:

“Similar story in reverse – My dad bumped into a man’s car on way to interview. Stopped, left details. Was the interviewer. He got the job!” I rest my case.

Richard Sauerman
Richard Sauerman
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