For the most part, we have accepted the need for lockdown and social distancing on face value and done what we were told to do.

But now I think it’s time we had a serious Covid_fucking_19 reality check:

Total cases (all Australian numbers) = 7,118.

New cases in the past 24 hours = 9.

Total recovered = 6,532 (that’s 91.8% recovery to date).

Percentage of tested people who were found to be positive = 0.6%

Percentage of positive cases that are mild = 98%.

Current cases in hospital = 31.

Current cases in ICU = 5.

Total deaths = 102 (52% of these deaths came from four clusters: 2 cruise ships and 2 aged care homes).

Percentage of deaths people aged 60+ = 97% (87% aged over 70).

By comparison, influenza and pneumonia (in Australia) caused 3,102 deaths in 2018 and 2,297 in 2013 (ABS). There are already 20,338 cases of influenza so far in 2020 (and that’s with the lockdown).

And yet, Covid_19 social distancing and lockdown measures continue. Our trains can only be 24% full. Buses 12% full. Lifts can only carry two people at a time. Pubs have been closed for over two months. Funerals are limited to 20 people. House parties are limited to 5 guests.

How long will it take people to get to their office on the 38th floor? How will the Opera House survive with every second seat empty?  How will my local restaurant survive with only ten diners?

The cost is just way too fucking high. The economy is smashed. Our society is torn apart. Too many small businesses are out of business. Too many people are suffering. Civil liberties have been taken away from all of us. And that’s just for starters.

And the most worrying fact of all = we are no more immune to Covid_19 that we were three months ago. So is this just going to stretch out and become the new norm?

End the lockdown now and let’s get back to life and living. 

Richard Sauerman
Richard Sauerman
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