Sharing some feedback from three of my talks last month; ranging from creativity to branding and a Real YOU motivational kick up the butt.

Speaking Topic: Power Branding

90-minute session in Melbourne, Australia, for Melbourne Pharma Marketers, a group of 50 marketers in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Richard was an excellent speaker who delivered an insightful & engaging presentation for our audience of marketers! He clearly had researched our industry and provided specific examples of power branding within the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector. Our audience walked away with some great ideas on what it takes to build a power brand”

— General Manager of the Digital Agency who booked me to deliver the talk through ICMI Speakers and Entertainers.

Speaking Topic: LIGHT MY FIRE!! 🔥

2-hour session on creativity to 80 young NGEN an MFA Initiative professionals who work in media, marketing, and advertising.

Event score – 9.5/10

For me this was a life changing event.

This session was AMAZING! I feel so inspired and ready to take on the world!

Super relatable! I think a lot of people walked out of there with lots to think about!

This has got to be the best NGEN workshop I have been to ever! Great content, super motivating, inspirational and relevant. In the last two days I haven’t stopped raving about this session.

Most engaging NGEN training so far! Would love to hear more.

Phenomenal. Best speaker I’ve ever heard from. So memorable!

Richard was simply brilliant, full of energies, source of inspiration, professional with a sense of humour as well.

Very engaging! I took a lot of what he said out of the session to incorporate into the real world.

Speaks with passion that rubs off on his audience.

He had a lot of energy and a good sense of humour.

Richard was an amazing, engaging, and unique speaker. I have never attended a talk like this one! I felt heard and challenged all at the same time.

Richard was extremely engaging, funny and interactive. It takes a special person to engage 80 people in a room for two hours.

Speaking Topic: Real YOU: What do you bring to the party?!

Two-hour session in Brisbane for CitrusAd’s Global Leadership Team: 25 participants from Australia, the US, the UK, and India.

Thought provoking with a sense of humour, great presenter!

Every day I replay many of your points in my head.  To keep pushing to be a ten! Thank you again for your words of wisdom.

Thank you again your two hours with us and me today were truely invaluable to not only my working life but my actual life.

It was great. You actually stitch together your argument very well. I found it thought provoking and useful.

Thank you for making it a psychologically safe environment in the 2 hours you were there.

Richard Sauerman
Richard Sauerman
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