The power of language [or How not to do it]

So I’m checking out the details of a potential new client. On their website I find this Mission Statement:

To “Make A Profit” by providing a quality product at a very competitive price, in a controlled systematic way, for a sustained period of time to each of our customers.

And yes ‘make a profit’ was in quotes, capitalized, and underlined. Further down the page I discovered this prosaic [not] piece of copy to describe what they do:

We create value for our customers by delivering innovative IP based services in a cost effective manner, that illustrates our commitment to a win-win solution and establishes a relationship based on mutual trust and satisfaction. Cultivate our relationships with our extended teams, strive for continuous improvement and offer an environment that encourages our team members to achieve their full potential while demonstrating our winning attitude.

And since this same statement is plastered on the wall behind their reception desk, it must be true.

Language is important and powerful. It’s the means by which we articulate our goals and dreams, and make things happen. Companies and people use language to create the future they want to succeed in. And so if your company language is sounding and feeling a little like the above, perhaps it’s time to create a new narrative that really does inform and inspire your people, customers and partners …


Richard Sauerman
Richard Sauerman
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