I wonder, I wonder what you would do if you had the power to have everything that you want. A new iPhone — the new iPhone 10 — with a PERFECT LIFE button. With just a touch of this button you can design for yourself the most perfect life. The perfect job. The perfect partner. Perfect […]

There’s always a job to be done. A plan to be executed. A strategy to be realised. For the company, and in your role at the company. And for your life – the plan and the strategy you have for yourself. My question to you is, “How high are you aiming?” I mean, when you […]

The movie Back To The Future was screened in 1985, thirty years ago. And the future date they travelled to in the move was TODAY–yes, 21st October 2015. So I guess that makes today Back To The Future Day. For me this raises a whole set of interesting issues and questions. How much has the world […]

I’ve been working on three projects over the past ten weeks that have helped me see the future. All three companies are well funded, well connected RDCs. All three companies are missionary entrepreneurs. All three companies are on a mission to change and reinvent the world for the better. And I have to say that […]

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