The greatest obstacle to change and possibility in your work and your life is that you are trapped inside your worldview – your underlying mental frame of reference for the world, and your belief system that drives the decisions you make and the things you do. The greatest worldview of all is the map of […]

I have recently found myself doing a lot of talks and workshops on and around the subject of ‘change’. Not that surprising really. ‘Change’ is the Zeitgeist of our time, defining the mood, the attitude, and the outlook of companies and people. The brief I get is always along the lines of, “Change is a […]

It’s easy to think the world is getting worse and worse by the day. Just watch the news or any other current affairs program in the media. The media focuses on “newsworthy” single events, and single events are often bad — plane crashes, terrorism attacks, natural disasters, wars and murders. Positive developments, on the other hand, […]

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