There are three kinds of relationships you can have with your work: you either have a job, a career, or a calling. Someone who sees his or her work as just a job tends to be stuck in money-making survival mode. Those on the career path get recognised for their achievements, and their indicators of […]

A farmer found an abandoned eagle’s nest and in it was an egg, still warm. He took the egg back to his farm and laid it in the nest of one of his hens. The egg hatched and the baby eagle grew up with the other chickens. It pecked about the farmyard, scrabbling for grain. […]

In his book Good Work, the economic thinker E.F.Schumacher describes the ‘longing for freedom’ that has become so widespread in society today: I don’t want to join the rat race. Not be enslaved by machines, bureaucrats, boredom, ugliness. I don’t want to be a moron, robot, commuter. I don’t want to become a fragment of […]

Brand as purpose

Trials save lives

18 September, 2017

We’ve been working with Breast Cancer Trials since last July. We renamed them, repositioned them, created a new brand identity, launched the new brand on the inside to their people, and produced the public launch campaign that’s about to hit the proverbial airwaves this week. This is a brand with purpose, and that purpose is […]

Brand as purpose, Brand YOU


14 September, 2017

RUOK? Day is today. Started by Gavin Larkin, RUOK? Day is a reminder to all of us to ask someone we know who might be struggling with life, if they are OK? While RUOK? Day is a once a year event, asking someone if they are OK is not — it’s something we can and should do […]

I wonder, I wonder what you would do if you had the power to have everything that you want. A new iPhone — the new iPhone 10 — with a PERFECT LIFE button. With just a touch of this button you can design for yourself the most perfect life. The perfect job. The perfect partner. Perfect […]

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