I watched Horrible Bosses 2 at home the other day, which got me thinking about bosses, and work, and stuff. A popular belief is that the main reason people quit their jobs is because of pay. Not so according to just about every study done in the past decade, including the massive State Of The Global […]

Brand YOU


9 August, 2018

I control the time you get up in the morning, the way you feel when you get up, the time you go to sleep, and the way you feel when you go to sleep. I control what you eat and drink and do every day, and the way that you do it. I control how […]

Yeah. You heard me. I’m talking to YOU. I’m looking you right in the eyes and telling you that you don’t stand a chance. I’m telling you that if you can look through this list and say “yes” to three or more of these items, then you should be seriously worried. Here goes: Because you […]

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