The most important thing that myths teach us is that anything is possible. And the one story within all the great mythological stories is called The Hero’s Journey — the story about the person who goes out and does great deeds on behalf of the group, the tribe, the community. And so our parents bought […]

We live in a world full of experts. There’s always someone with more experience than you saying how things are supposed to be done – tweeters, bloggers article writers, senior managers, highly paid consultants. But the reality is that there is no playbook. We’re all just figuring shit out as we go along. And when […]

Popular people turn up and ask, “Who do you want me to be?” – because they want to fit in with the group and be liked. They are the people who have lots of “friends” who like their posts on Instgram and Facebook, and so they become the envy of those who don’t have as […]

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