This amazing cartoon video challenges us to ask ourselves the million dollar question: “What does success look like for me?” It’s a question I ask in my Brand YOU workshops, and its one of THE most challenging questions in today’s world and society. What does success look like for you? Who’s definition of success are […]

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You have to jump

27 November, 2017

You have to take a leap of faith. Too many people hang around on the edge of the cliff of life, watching others soaring by – with a skip in their step, a smile on their face, and a whole lot of ‘good times’ going on. And do you know why they are soaring with […]

In his book Good Work, the economic thinker E.F.Schumacher describes the ‘longing for freedom’ that has become so widespread in society today: I don’t want to join the rat race. Not be enslaved by machines, bureaucrats, boredom, ugliness. I don’t want to be a moron, robot, commuter. I don’t want to become a fragment of […]

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14 September, 2017

RUOK? Day is today. Started by Gavin Larkin, RUOK? Day is a reminder to all of us to ask someone we know who might be struggling with life, if they are OK? While RUOK? Day is a once a year event, asking someone if they are OK is not — it’s something we can and should do […]

Is one of the main reasons you’re in your current job because the money is good? And is one of the main reasons you are reluctant to leave your job because you can’t imagine taking a pay cut, or the profession you really want to pursue has limited earning prospects? I ask people these questions […]

This film for Beats by Dre is dedicated to Conor McGregor — he who is facing Floyd Mayweather in the biggest battle of his fighting career — and is not only topical and timely, it is pure inspiration. We all need heroes, especially as young boys. My childhood hero was Muhammad Ali, and today I […]

Brand YOU is who you really are. And it’s by embracing this truth you start being a person who makes a difference in life and the world. It’s not easy, and I reckon this is what it takes to be that person. First, you want to stop just being concerned about the stuff that until […]

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