Using fashion to get inside his opponent’s head

David August is a UK based provider of “tailor-made suits and casual wear for the most distinguished of business leaders, sports professionals and entertainers.” Their brand stands for confidence and assertiveness, and carries a whole lot of alpha male attitude. Their suits are only tailored to fit, and make the wearer look a million bucks. Which gets me on to my story.

The so-called ‘billion dollar megabout’ is happening on 26 August between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. And as with all fights, the two contenders met face-to-face in front of the press this week. Getting in your opponent’s head is a huge part of these pre-bout press conferences. Do it successfully, and you’ll throw him off his game, leaving you with the advantage. And neither fighter needs to be told this.

Except the way Conor McGregor set about getting inside Floyd Mayweather’s head was a first: he used fashion to do it.

Yep, Conor McGregor turned up wearing a supremely tailored bespoke David August pinstripe suit. And it wasn’t just any David August suit. The fabric was a custom, in-house product made of super 130s navy wool, which has been dressing McGregor for the entirety of his career. To pair with the suit, McGregor went for a lapel flower, hot pink tie, and a patterned pocket square. Way to go Conor!

But upon closer examination, you would notice that the pin stripes weren’t just ordinary, everyday pin stripes — the pin stripes were made out of the two words “Fuck You”, written over and over and over and over. Not that McGregor’s insults stopped at what was written on his suit, as he pointed to Mayweather saying, “He’s in a fucking track suit. He can’t even afford a suit any more.”

I reckon there were two BIG winners in this bout — Conor McGregor and David August. And wow, what a beautiful way for a UK-based, alpha male suit brand to make its mark on the world stage.


Richard Sauerman
Richard Sauerman
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