Grant McGaugh is a guy who loves brands and branding, and he recently reached out to me for this interview.

A brand podcast interview

Grant McGaugh is a guy who loves brands and branding, and he recently reached out to me for this interview. The introduction is written by him, and he also created this promotional video.

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Branding — it’s a concept that has transcended beyond logos and taglines to become the cornerstone of businesses worldwide.

With the ever-intensifying competition, standing out in the crowd isn’t just a desire but an existential necessity. Enter Richard Sauerman, better known as “The Brand Guy,” who has revolutionized the global branding landscape with his unique blend of strategic brand thinking and personal growth.

Now, you have the chance to gain exclusive insights from the master himself. The latest episode of the Follow The Brand podcast, hosted by Grant McGaugh, features a captivating conversation with Richard Sauerman. This episode is now live and ready for download at or on your favorite podcast platform.

This conversation delves into:

  1. Strategic Brand Thinking: Richard breaks away from traditional branding norms, offering innovative strategies to carve a unique niche for your brand.
  2. Branding and Personal Growth Intersection: Richard’s philosophy emphasizes the intertwining of personal development and successful branding, redefining the conventional concept of both personal and corporate brand building.
  3. The Power of Brands: Gain insights into the significant influence of brands in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, arming yourself with the knowledge to make your brand more impactful.

This episode holds significant value for healthcare professionals, IT executives, and brand strategists. Richard’s unique perspective and experiences across a wide range of industries, including healthcare and technology, make his insights particularly relevant to these professions.

A treasure trove of strategic insights.

Whether you are seeking to refine, evolve, or completely reinvent your brand, this conversation is a treasure trove of strategic insights. Tune into this exciting episode to broaden your understanding of branding from one of the industry’s leading experts, and be prepared to redefine your branding perspectives.

The Brand Guy’s philosophy challenges conventional norms, offering fresh perspectives that keep you ahead of the curve. Tune in to Follow The Brand and embark on an enlightening journey into the world of strategic branding with Richard Sauerman.

To follow this transformative journey, tune into the latest episode of the Follow The Brand podcast. Let Richard Sauerman guide you towards your brand’s evolution and success.

Thanks Grant for your interest in my work. If you missed it, the podcast can be found on this link:

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