Brand as business, Brand as purpose


26 April, 2018

Your brand is not something you add to your business, it’s the reason your business exists. Your brand is the purpose and passion that propels everything your company does. And the questions that sit around great branding are:

Where are you taking this business? What sort of legacy do you want to leave? Why should people love working for you? Why should people love doing business with you? Why should people love buying from you? Why do you exist?

The Head of Marketing does NOT know the answers to these questions. It’s a conversation with the CEO and his or her leadership team.

And once articulated, your brand needs to happen on the inside, among your people and stakeholders, and on the outside, in the marketplace. That’s because a brand promise is a promise made (on the outside) and a promise kept (on the inside). Something our banks and financial institutions (they who spend tens of millions of dollars marketing their brands) don’t get at all.

Here’s me making the point in an interview …

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    1. Yep they sure do. Just look at the financial services sector.

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