I love this video clip of a guy who makes a stand for what he believes in. Actually it’s a stand for human decency and respect. And yet I reckon most people would say and do nothing in this situation. It’s the “mind my own business” cop-out thing, and sometimes that’s just not good enough. […]

People don’t trust big business. Especially the banks and financial services companies. WHY? “Because if its good for them, its not good for me”, is the general sentiment. “They are driven by self-interest, money, bonuses, and shareholder wealth ONLY.” As a case in point, yesterday AMP’s Head of Advice was questioned at the royal commission, […]

The hardest thing about being an awesome brand is that you have to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s Brand YOU or whether it’s a company brand, the moment you “stand” for something you become a target for all of the other people who don’t like what you stand for. It just comes with […]

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